1. How do I activate and open a book with eReaders?

    First of all, register (tap “Sign in” on the menu) so you can manage all your information and purchases. On the first screen, choose the language you want to learn, select the level of difficulty, and choose one of the books available in the catalogue. By tapping on the cover you can read a description of the book or download an excerpt. To get the whole book, choose “Unblock” and you’ll be presented with a menu. You can:
  2. How do I activate an audiobook?

    The audiobook is automatically activated along with the book when you insert the alphanumeric code and you see it appear in your library. If you purchase the book alone, however, the audiobook is not included and must be purchased separately;
  3. How do I distinguish between a book and an audiobook?

    The covers are identical, but the audiobook has a red symbol with a white triangle;
  4. Where do I find my purchased or unblocked books?

    You can access the list of books you’ve purchased or unblocked by selecting “Library” on the menu. You can search for a particular title by using the magnifying glass symbol at the top right;
  5. How can I visualize an unblocked book with eReaders web?

    The book will appear in your library the first time you access the app. Synchronization between devices takes place every 30 minutes.
  6. How do you visualize the statistics regarding a book’s exercises?

    Remember that an exercise is considered to have been completed only after selecting “Confirm” at the end of it. After completing at least one exercise and closing the book, the statistics regarding the types of exercises you did will appear on the book’s information sheet, with the corresponding evaluations.
  7. What are ‘My Statistics’?

    The statistics you can consult are of two types: those regarding a single book – which you can see on each book’s information sheet after you’ve done at least one exercise – and those in general, grouped according to the level of books you’ve read. Under the title of the single book or the type of exercise according to level, you can see your average score on the completed exercises and, on the progress bar, the number of exercises completed compared to the total.
  8. How do I join a class?

    Your teacher will provide you with an alphanumeric code. Once you’ve signed in to eReaders and selected “My classes” on the menu, you can join the class by inserting the code. From that moment on, your teacher will be able to see the results of all the exercises you’ve completed in real time.
  9. What happens if I delete a book I’ve purchased or unblocked from my device?

    If you remove a book from your library, it will be eliminated from your device and that space will be freed up. If you want to get it back in the future, you can download it, after signing in, or tap “Restore purchases” on the menu, or search for it in the cloud section of the app (at the bottom centre in your library) that keeps track of all data connected to your account;
  10. If I’m a teacher, can I use the same functions present in the online version

    ? The online version is enhanced in order to be able to support the teacher’s work through the creation of classes and the visualization of single student and class statistics, while the app version attributes greater importance to the catalogue and the interactive functions typical of touch devices.
  11. Where do I visualize my active subscription, or where can I activate one?

    On the menu, “Subscription” allows you to see what active subscription you have at the moment, or choose between a monthly or annual subscription. Conditions of use are displayed and managed from your market place, and can be modified from your profile at any time.
  12. How do I search for a book quickly?

    In all sections of eReaders, at the top right you’ll find a magnifying glass that enables you to search the app for all content on the basis of language and level, or with a keyword related to author or title. The search will be performed either on the device, on the cloud, or both.